The Trip: Seuss

It’s about Seuss.

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The Trip: Incoherent Babbling

It’s about incoherent babbling. Or something like that, if anybody can really tell what they are talking about sometimes then that would be great but there are times when the things they say just seem to be one great big long runon sentence not that those are bad at times but then there are other times when runon sentences just make no sense in the long run because each individual piece makes sense when it is being read or speaked but when it is not being writed or speaked then it makes no sense and YES I know there are no such words like writed and speaked but I was trying this little thing called humor that some people think they have but don’t really and in this case you might think that I don’t have a sense of humor but you would be wrong because just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean that it isn’t funny. Enjoy the show.

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